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"Leslie" is Leslie Ingram-Lewis, a spiritually motivated, certified personal trainer and exercise therapist, and owner of Mind, Body & Spirit Personal Training.  Ingram-Lewis opened Mind, Body & Spirit in 2004 after renting space in Broad Street's Bloomfield Fitness Center. She has four children, 13 grandchildren and looks much younger than her 61 years (the day of my visit was, in fact, her birthday). Since the age of 15, Ingram-Lewis has been all about fitness.

An initial consultation is held before a program starts, and if Ingram-Lewis finds two to three risk factors in an individual, she has a doctor of her choice examine the person. Once cleared, an individual performs a program of six or 12 weeks, and from there, the trainee is confident enough to go off on their own.

Her typical client?

"Most of my clients (which include business CEOs, athletes, and more) want to be fit," she said. "But unless you change your grocery list, you'll never get in shape." Which is why Ingram-Lewis performs reassessments of the individual at four to eight weeks with body fat measurements to make sure that they're following proper nutritional guidelines throughout their program.