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Mind Body Spirit Personal Training

- One on One Pilates Training

- One on One Pilates Training

​- One on One Morning Glory

- Small Group Personal Training

- Sports Conditioning Personal Training

- Group Personal Training Morning Glory

- One on One Personal Training

- Semi Private Personal Training

- Two for One Personal Training

- One on One Kick Boxing

- One on One Boot Camp

- One on One Yoga

We Specialize In The Following

When the body is healthy, the mind is free to roam is positive directions, to be creative and find stimulation. We need to be aware of any glitches throughout our mind body system that can undermine our whole performance.

- Newark Renaissance House: Volunteer for young men/woman we read 

- Advocate for Christian Churches, Health, Exercise and Fitness.

- Alexander Schools: Contribute every year toys/clothing

- C.A.S.A.: Advocate for children in transition


- "The rock of Recovery Award"